South Cardinal


  • Two Arrows pointing down.
  • Black upper section - yellow upper section.
  • 6 very quick flashes followed by 1 long flash every 10 seconds VQ(6) + L Fl 10s.
  • or 6 quick flashes followed by 1 long flash every 15 seconds Q(6) + L Fl 15s.

Colour described on charts as:-
YB - for Yellow over Black

By Day.

By Night.




Cardinal Buoys can be either Quick Flashing or Very Quick Flashing so that they can be distinguished when used in multiples - perhaps protecting a long sand bank for example.

Memory Aids:-

  • The two arrows point downwards towards “South” on a map.
  • The arrows always point to the black sections - in this case the lower section
  • South is at “Six o’clock” on the Compass - so six flashes, but this could be confused with the East Cardinal (3 flashes), so a LONG flash is added.

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