Safe Water Mark


  • Indicates that there is safe water all around the mark. Can be used as centre-line, landfall or mid-channel marks
  • Red and White Vertical Stripes
  • Topmark - 1 red ball but only on spar and pillar marks..
  • Light, if any, is a white isophase (equal light and dark)
  • Or Light may be white occulting (more light than dark)
  • Or Light may be single long flash every 10 seconds L Fl 10s
  • Or Light may be Morse Code A   (short-long or . -)

By Day.

By Night.

By Night.
(Morse A)






Note that only two of the possible light combinations are shown here.

Memory Aids:-

  • There is an equal amount of white and red on the buoy - and an equal amount of light and dark on the light!
  • There are more letter As in Safewater Mark than any other letter.

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