East Cardinal


  • Two Arrows pointing both up and down.
  • Black upper and lower section - yellow central section.
  • 3 very quick flashes every 5 seconds VQ(3) 5s or 3 quick flashes every 10 seconds.  Q(3) 10s 

Image Courtesy of Mendez Marine.

By Day.

By Night.




Cardinal Buoys can be either Quick Flashing or Very Quick Flashing so that they can be distinguished when used in multiples - perhaps protecting a long sand bank for example.

Colour described on charts as:-
BYB- for Black over Yellow over Black.

Memory Aids:-

  • The two arrows point in the opposite direction to the West Cardinal buoy.
  • The arrows always point to the black sections - in this case the upper and lower sections
  • East is at “Three o’clock” on the Compass - so three flashes.

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